4 thoughts on “the origins of webex”

  1. The reason………

    Why did she leave you? I am sorry if you’re affronted by my question.

    I did notice about photos and how people smile in their photos. All three gents you mentioned smile in a particular fashion in their photos.

    I don’t like that kind of smile and do not trust people who smile like that in their photos.

    I do like how you portray your face in your photos and your parents as well.

    I never smile in photos.

      1. Re: The reason………

        “Love is evanescent.”

        Now, that is the most beautiul, accurate, and concise definition of ‘love’ I’ve read. I didn’t even know the word, ‘evanescent’ even existed.

        I can see why you consider yourself a poet.

        For some reason, it reminds me of the last scene in the movie, ‘Once upon a time in America’, where ‘Noodles’ drifted into opium drenched sleep/melancholia where the camera focuses into his face and smile from the ceiling.

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