international conversation

Let me spell it out for you. We are a nation of laws. We are also a charitable nation. If you want our goods and our words within the scope of our foreign aid, ask for it. But as a foreign national, you have no say in our laws. If you are lucky, you have a say over your own goods and words, under your own laws, in your own country, in your own language. Then make and share your own goods and words, under your own laws, or change them to suit. In the meantime, if you break our laws, in our jurisdiction, we will prosecute you to their fullest extent.

Got it?


«Граждане Тифаретники требуют усиления ослабления полицейского сыска, то есть копирайта, мотивируя это своими экономическими интересами. Хуй вам на рыло, проклятые вырожденцы. Говнофантастыпираты это не люди, говнофантастыпираты это стукачи халявщики.»