sound and fury (вопли и сопли)

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  1. Tiphareth, whose livejournal blog has been purged as part of this
    spring’s “Kill NATO” affair, is now one of the maintainers of
    the Russian clone of – . He’s in
    your friends list, so I thought you might be interested.

    1. i was sorry to see misha verbitsky banned

          All the same, he did bring it upon himself. I appreciate your notice, but to me the ragged, russet edge of free speech that Verbitsky has chosen to inhabit, merely betokens a self-indulgent disrerard of the reality of violence. In matters of this community, I am an irredentist.

      1. Re: i was sorry to see misha verbitsky banned

        Heh, russet is well-aimed adjective.

        Misha is unapologetically extremist in his mode of expression, and I agree that he sometimes goes overboard. But it has to be noted that his was not an isolated case. Russian blogs mirror the late s.c.s in vicious and personal character of exchanges. Mutual snitching to the abuse team, alas, is not unheard-of. Yet, a number of users report the impression, that this last May abuse folks seem to have lost patience with Russian users and adopted summary, take-no-prisoners style in dealing with us. For instance, they judged to be an instance of the “hate speech” a post by [info]kaledin
        “Kill Nazi”, resulting in his suspension.

        1. Re: i was sorry to see misha verbitsky banned

              The s.c.s. moment appeared in its day to be a cosmic inflection point that conjoined the waning of an empire to the worldwide propagation of its post-ideological offspring. Notwithstanding his intervening eulogies, thirteen years down the line our retrospective regard faces a monotonic development of Homo Sovieticus within his boorish lineage. Notwithstanding my ill fit within civil society and numerous actual and conceivable motives to militate for physical extermination of my enemies, I choose to couch my protests in non-violent terms. Even so, skyrocketing antics of Misha Verbitsky and his colleagues afford attractive opportunities for comic relief. Besides, his children are just about due to challenge the primacy of his missile. Leave the man to his anxieties.

              ObNinetiesAnthem; King Missile, Detachable Penis

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