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The gist of the matter is that the same people who liberally disparage their neighbors for voting Republican or espousing conservatism, would have a meltdown whilst facing their counterparts who disparaged them (say) as libertines or homosexuals, atheists or Jews.

And yet in each instance the butt of objections is taken to task for his choices of life or confession.

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  1. это близко к тому, что я однажды понял про униженных и оскорбленных. дай им волю – и они тут же придут в себя и начнут унижать и оскорблять…

    и еще когда-то я думал along similar lines: the moral choice is a choice between poor bastards & rich jerks – who do you like better? the funniest thing though is: poor bastards given half a chance tend to become rich jerks…

    1. I am a Jew because I was born of a Jewish mother. I have no choice in the matter. My neighbor is a homosexual. Political orthodoxy deems him a man sexually attracted exclusively to men, and having no choice in the matter. Would it be acceptable by its lights for a Christian to disparage me for failing to accept Jesus as my personal savior, regardless of the circumstances of my birth? Likewise, would it be acceptable for him to denounce homosexuals for choosing to have sex with other men, regardless of their innate orientation?

      1. well, while the answer in both cases is – clearly – no, i’d like to ask – why underscore “having no choice” and “innate”?

        say i’m an atheist. it’s not innate, it’s my choice. does this mean i can be disparaged by believers?

    1. Think of disparagement coming from Torquemada, who regards the heretics cum dilectione hominum et odio vitiorum. Handicap his capacity for their relaxation to the secular arm of justice, and you get the conservative counterpart to the politically correct.

    1. America has come through disastrous financial crises before—not just the Great Depression but also the Great Stagflation of the 1970s—and emerged with its geopolitical position enhanced. Such crises, bad as they are at home, always have worse effects on America’s rivals.
          The same is proving to be true today. According to the Morgan Stanley Capital International index, the U.S. stock market is down around 18 percent to date this year. The equivalent figure for China is 48 percent, and for Russia—the worst affected of the world’s emerging markets—it is 55 percent. These figures are not very good advertisements for the more regulated, state-led economic models favored in Beijing and Moscow.
          Moreover, because investors continue to regard the U.S. government’s debt as a “safe haven” in uncertain times, the latest phase of the financial crisis has seen the dollar rally, rather than sag further.
      —Niall Ferguson, “Rough Week, But America’s Era Goes On

      1. The stock market in Russia is almost completely irrelevant to the finance and economy, and to conflate the state of the two is a fallacy much loved by the traditionally Russophobic anglo-american press.

        1. As every Russian schoolchild knows, the economy of his country operates on a variant of the otherwise outdated labor theory of value congruent with the principle: “We pretend to work; they pretend to pay us.” Accordingly, only a marginalist Russophobe would dare to assess its condition by any metric of utility or productivity applicable in the soulless Anglosphere.

              1. Russian economy does not depend on foreign capital – the budget has huge surplus. It’s the USA economy that is at the mercy of the People’s Republic of China central bank. Check your facts better, please.

                1. Venezuela is also running a surplus at the moment. Look into its economic history before staking your livelihood on the long-term soundness of Russian economy.

                    1. That would be “President Bush” without the definite article, Michael. You are invoking his presidency as a title, not as a modifier. For example, in this article, your construction is akin to the phrase “In the book President Bush is quoted&rdquo, and unlike the phrase “Although the President Bush described in this volume will be familiar to most readers&rdquo.

                      This free grammar lesson has been underwritten by the fundamentals of the American economy.

                    2. On the contrary, I am referring to the words of Misha Verbitsky:

                      Русофобия это жупел, которым Холмогоров и ему подобные бьют по мозгам населению. Можно начать оправдываться, “я не русофоб, а это не русские, а вот те русские, а я не целиком против них, а я отчасти, да, и в этом аспекте тоже”. И по результатам дискуссии обнаружить себя оправдывающимся и жалким недоумком, целиком перемазанным в говне путинской пропаганде.
                          А можно сделать детолюбивому проповеднику одолжение и послать его нахуй, вместе с русским государством, от Москвы и до самых до окраин, включая его политический центр в виде Медведева, Чубайса и Абрамовича.

                          Да, русофобия. Не вижу в этом ничего зазорного.

                      Russophobia is the specter, whereby Kholmogorov and his ilk assail the brains of the people. You might start making excuses, “I am not a russophobe, and these men aren’t Russian, but those are the real Russians, and I am not wholly against them, but only partially, and also in this respect”. And as a result of this discussion you would reveal yourself as an apologetic and pitiful halfwit, smeared from head to toe with shit Putinist propaganda. 

                          Then again, you might oblige the preaching paedophile by telling him to fuck off along with the Russian state, from Moscow all the way to its outposts, including its political center comprised by Medvedev, Chubais, and Abramovich. 

                          Yes, Russophobia. I see nothing dishonorable in it.

                      Consider applying his analysis to your hobby-horse of “the traditionally Russophobic anglo-american press”.

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