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  1. happy birthday!

    Christopher Marlowe was baptized today – great company to have a birthday with!


    by: Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593)

    CCURS’D be he that first invented war!
    They knew not, ah, they knew not, simple men,
    How those were hit by pelting cannon-shot
    Stand staggering like a quivering aspen-leaf
    Fearing the force of Boreas’ boisterous blasts!
    In what a lamentable case where I,
    If nature had not given me wisdom’s lore!
    For kings are clouts that every man shoots at,
    Our crown the pin that thousands seek to cleave:
    Therefore in policy I think it good
    To hide it close; a goodly stratagem,
    And far from any man that is a fool:
    So shall not I be known; or if I be,
    They cannot take away my crown from me.
    Here will I hide it in this simple hole.

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