funny, he doesn’t look jewish

Head of the Tokyo office of the Russian Federal news agency РИА Новости, [info]andrei-fesyun, reports that Kōzō Okamoto, the sole surviving perpetrator of the Lod Airport Massacre, announced his conversion to Judaism whilst in Israeli custody, substantiating his newly found faith by circumcising himself with his own teeth.

Kōzō Okamoto held aloft by Borat Sagdiyev Palestinian militants after his release by Israel in 1985

In unrelated matters, fellow frontbender Carol Liabos has declined to comment on rumors regarding her conversion to Islam.

Via [info]allentown2007.

9 thoughts on “funny, he doesn’t look jewish”

  1. Убили 24 человека, 80 ранили – а отсидел всего 19 лет, получается. Скидку что-ли за обгрызание сделали? Несправедливо, как обычно.

  2. …Okamoto’s own father wrote the following to the Israeli authorities: ‘For forty years I thought I had devoted myself faithfully to the education of our young people. Please punish my son with the death sentence without delay.’

    1. The same source tells a less dramatic version of his conversion:

      Sentenced to life imprisonment, Okamoto eventually converted to Judaism, using nail clippers to perfom [sic] a botched circumcision that nearly killed him. He currently lives somewhere in Lebanon after his release from prison in 1985 as part of a hostage exchange involving three captured Israeli soldiers who were swapped for 1,150 Palestinians.

      Another legend shattered.

  3. Здорово!

    Это фото дамочки как нельзя кстати после простотра фильма “Не шутите с Зоханом” ( You don’t mess up with Zohan)

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