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    1. Can you stand Bush any better than Putin?

      « Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite. De longues réflexions, et une longue expérience payée bien cher, m’ont convaincu de cette vérité comme d’une proposition de mathématiques. Toute loi est donc inutile, et même funeste (quelque excellente qu’elle puisse être en elle-même), si la nation n’est pas digne de la loi et faite pour la loi. »
      —Joseph de Maistre, Lettre à M. le chevalier de …, Saint-Pétersbourg, 15 (27) août 1811

      1. Both Putin and Bush are corrupters of the states they govern. Both achieved and maintained power in highly suspect circumstances by not altogether clear means. So I believe that when Georgy looked Vova in the eye, he “saw his soul”. Мудак мудака видит издалека.

        1. You are failing to respond to Joseph de Maistre. Only fish rot from the head. In the body politic, rotten leadership is a matter of supply and demand.

          1. Some might say that any victim of violence deserves it by not being strong enough and prepared to defend himself. I do not share that view. As they say in America, do not pee on my leg and say that it’s raining.

                1. Ivan buys a shotgun and goes hunting. While he’s out in the woods, he spots a magnificent brown bear, at least two meters tall. He takes aim and shoots.
                      BLAM! The bear drops to the ground. Ivan runs over to where the bear fell… no bear. Someone taps him on the shoulder. He turns around, and it’s the bear.
                      The bear snarls, “Did you just shoot at me?”
                      “Uhhh, yeah.”
                      “Alright, now you gotta blow me.”
                      What can Ivan do? It’s suck bear cock or be ripped apart and devoured. So, he holds his breath and blows the bear. He licks and sucks for what feels like hours. At last, the bear grunts, spooges all over Ivan’s face, taps him on the shoulder appreciatively, and ambles away contented.
                      The next week, Ivan goes to the black market, buys a Kalashnikov assault rifle, and goes hunting again. Soon he comes across enormous bear tracks. He follows them for a couple of hours till he comes across the same brobdingnagian bear. He switches the selector to full auto, takes careful aim, and pulls the trigger.
                      RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT!!! The bear drops. Ivan dashes toward the bear… no bear. There’s another tap on his shoulder. It’s the bear come up behind him.
                      “Did you just fire a machine gun at me?”
                      “Uhhh, yeah.”
                      “Alright, now I’m going to fuck you in the ass!”
                      What can Ivan do? It’s take bear cock up the ass or be ripped apart and devoured. So he bends over and takes it like a man. The bear diddles him for what feels like hours. At long last, he grunts, spooges all over Ivan’s backside, taps him on the shoulder appreciatively, and ambles away contented.
                      Now, Ivan is really mad. The next week, he travels to an obscure ex-Soviet republic and buys himself a shoulder-mounted SAM-20 missile. He’s going to kill that infamous bear once and for all, no matter what it takes. He returns to the woods and tracks the bear. He aims the missile and launches it at the ursine degenerate.
                      BOOOOOOOM!!! The bear drops. Ivan sprints towards it… no bear. A tap on his shoulder. Yep, it’s the bear.
                      The bear sticks his paw in his mouth and blows a shrill whistle. At once, four other bears converge upon the hapless hunter. They pant and grunt as they amble towards him. Their beady eyes radiate with a lewd glare. Their monstrous leader stares at Ivan and drawls, “You didn’t really come here to hunt, did you?”

                    1. Your army in Iraq killed about a million Iraqis, according to the Johns Hopkins University study. According to the polls, something like 70% of Iraq populace support attacks on the US troops and what them to leave now.

                      This is a lot like Wehrmacht was “kicking ass” in, for instance, Byelorussia. But “kicking ass” is not the same as “winning”.

                    2. You probably among those people, who believe that America won in Vietnam, too. Well, if so, you have no quarrel with me. That sort of victory you are going to have in Iraq and Afghanistan, soon.

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