4 thoughts on “does sex have a purpose?”

      1. I’m not sure what you mean here by, “It’s all true”.

        If Dawkin’s is correct homosexuality has the purpose ultimately of procreation.

        If it is a pathogenic disease, then it has no purpose whatsoever for the individual human, but could likely be the transmission means of the pathogen.

        From an evolutionary standpoint, sex always has a certain purpose. Mix and spread the genetic material.

        The synchronous moment is that I was just reading about, The Screwfly Solution where an alien race plants a disease in humanity that makes men homicidal towards women. The purpose is so they can take over the planet.

        1. If Dawkins’ conjectures about sneaky queers are correct, deception of alpha males is the primary evolutionary purpose of homosexuality. But I am not sure about the conditions under which just-so stories can come out as correct. The main virtue of Cochran’s theory of pathogenesis is its capacity for empirical confirmation.

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