der dolchstoß

A hidebound wag glibly demonstrates that lobotomy is a prerequisite for voting Democrat, just as colostomy, for voting Republican:

As they took control of Congress at the start of 2007, the Democrats vowed this would be a year of historic importance, and it seems they were prescient: Seldom before in the annals of governance have so many politicians fought so long and so hard to completely screw up a winning strategy being waged on their country’s behalf. Some cruelly define this as treacherous conduct, but this is imprecise and unkind. They tried, it is true, to do serious damage, but were compromised in the event by their chronic incompetence, as well as by being too above-board and open to try to do things on the sly. A stab in the back as a concept was wholly beyond their capacities. This was not a stab in the back that works via guile and subterfuge. It was 41 different stabs in the front, that always fell far short of serious damage, unless you count the damage they did to their own reputations (the approval ratings for Congress are now in the twenties). It was the Stab in the Front, the Surge-against-the-Surge, the Pickett’s Charge of the Great War on Terror. It was a year to remember, that will live in the annals of fecklessness. It was historical. It was hysterical. It was the Stab that Failed.
Noemie Emery, The Stab That Failed, The Weekly Standard, Volume 013, Issue 12, dated 3 December 2007

One of the greatest boons of American citizenship for this thankful Soviet expatriate is his ensuing opportunity to stay out of politics in good conscience.

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  1. Speaking of body parts and political parties, I once saw Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Tonight Show, right after his bypass surgery. He said: “Science proved that Republicans do have a heart.” And Jay Leno said: “They do — they just don’t use it.”

    And I must apologize: I deleted your comment on my water-resistant Bible. A scripture-oriented debate developed, and I had to expurgate the discussion out of respect for my North Dakota Christian friends…

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