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  1. Re: thank you

    I agree, but if only the asshats of our town were as colorful as Donald Pleasance. I dream of moving to be near my old friends in Cambridge almost every day (there are no Park Slope/Williamsburg dreams for me)… but it seems I’m quite rooted here for now. And my armadillo skin helps when it comes to the he-who-talks-loudest-wins strategy out here — it’s only distressing when some of your closest comrades become those people.

      1. Re: the asshats of our town

        Fascinating, Cap’n. Re: Rexer.

        Re: -shit relativity — so, really, is horseshit deeper than bullshit? I couldn’t quite fathom it all. I must learn to use the right term in the right circumstance.

        1. the deeper pile of shit

          I think Gerald Cohen thinks that bullshit is more devious than horseshit. I think we better consult Fred about that. He has been practicing with both kinds.

        2. the less deceived


          There’s no difference between horseshit and bullshit. Both are
          self-expository terms used by the intellectually handicapped and
          implicitly impotent in reference to efforts by more intelligent and
          powerful individuals to baffle, misdirect and disinform them. Be-
          cause users of the terms are revealing their inferiority by resorting
          to profanity and cheap emotionalism any attempt to fool them is
          almost always successful.

          All the Best!

          // – REXER – //

          1. Re: the less deceived

            Nice! Thank you for the clarification! I prefer the sound of “horseshit” myself because it’s less overused, and wish that “bullcrap” didn’t sound so weird.

              1. Re: the less deceived

                Incidentally, if you can put yourself in the shoes of the non-Francophone reader for a moment, could you tell me if I should invest in the new translation of Les Fleurs du Mal from Wesleyan? I have the old Richard Howard edition, battered with much affection, but I would prefer a better one.

                1. Re: the less deceived

                  The little I can see via the search function on Amazon, looks good for what it is. To pass along a recommendation by Alonzo Church, consult the original alongside this translation.

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