korriphila press clippings

For auction: 1984 4″ .45 ACP double action Korriphila HSP701 serial number 023.

In a simpler time, an armorer with an order for personal weapons measured his man and his man’s pocket-book and straightforwardly hammered and clanged out the requisites. Everything was just about one-at-a-time anyway. Even the complication of gunpowder didn’t change that for centuries. Indeed, 150 short years ago, that was how it was and therefore all those splendid cased pistols, Pennsyltucky rifles and long fowlers. Here lately, however, anything really personal in a handgun — if it was to be up-to-date — meant the conversion, alteration and/or embellishment of some factory arm. That may be changing, and colleague Jeff Cooper rather likes the idea.
    He certainly likes the Korriphila pistol, otherwise called HSP-701, as gotten up by Edgar Budischowsky in Heidelberg, West Germany. The Korriphila is a made-to-measure self-loading handgun built without regard to cost to be, to the limits of its maker’s talents, as good as it can be. According to Cooper’s report of the two samples he tried — unfortunately neither made to Cooper measurements or requirements — the Korriphila is pretty good. But first the options thus far known:
    1. Choice of eight calibers, 45 ACP and 10mm down to 9mm Ultra.
    2. Four- or six-in. barrel length.
    3. Single-action only; double-action only; or selective for both.
    4. Finish of choice — black or white.
    5. Control levers, trigger, and the like sized to order, and placed (in the case of slide-stop and magazine release) where wished.
    6. A normal list of sight and shape (square trigger guard? hook trigger guard?) options.
All except 38 Special and 9mm Ultra have Budischowsky’s single-roller-delay blowback action. The barrel is rigid; the sights adjustable; the magazine a single-column affair.
    “These pistols were each a pleasure,” Cooper said. “The pulls were clean and sharp, the feel fine, the sights just right. In a 35-ounce gun, of course, the recoil was light.” Cooper has long felt eight shots upon command, as in the Model 1911 Colt, are enough and has no problem with the Korriphila’s magazine capacity. (His exact words were: “If one cannot solve his immediate problem with six or eight well-placed shots, it is doubtful that he can solve it with 10 or 12.) But he does think the gun a tad bulky. Cooper thinks nearly all the service pistols in the world are a little bulky, matter of fact, but has hopes that this design effort may one day provide all the gun he wants and less — that is, if enough cash customers bespeak Korriphilas, and enough of those want slimness with their quality, perhaps it will happen.
    Yes, the HSP-701 is expensive. It is not anything like a shotgun one might order in London, which is a comparable undertaking. To get right to it: At this writing, a customer in the U.S. will pay $2000.00 for his Korriphila pistol. (He will talk, we’re told, to International Gun Co., P.O. Box 35551, Tucson, AZ 85740.)
    Among the Budischowsky design’s real — if invisible — charms is the idea of it. There is no way Korriphila was meant for the military or for the police — it’s for individuals. That’s refreshing.

— Ken Warner, Gun Digest 1986, p. 173

In view of the continuous complaints we get about the sale price of the Steyr Scout, we now offer a proper response. It seems that Herr Budischowsky of Eislingen, Germany, is now offering what he considers to be the pistol to end all pistols. This is the “Korriphila Model HSP 701” and its retail price in Germany is 15,900 Deutsch Marks. (Last we heard there were about 1.7 DM to a US dollar.) This, of course, is in its deluxe version in solid Damascus steel. Its less ornamental brother in plain blued steel is way down at DM 8,000. Basically it is a 9mm crunchenticker, but it may be offered in the future in a major caliber. I do not know if Herr Budischowsky is taking orders at this time, but you might check with him at the SHOT Show.

Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries, Vol. 6, No. 10, September, 1998


Korriphila-Präzisionsmechanik GmbH, Ulm/Donau, Germany.

This precision-engineering business is best known in gunmaking circles for handguns designed by Edgar Budischowsky. These were originally distributed exclusively by Waffen-Frankonia of Würzburg, but the current products are promoted by Intertex-Korriphila of Eislingen.

TP-70 Apart from double-action lockwork and exemplary quality, this was a conventional blowback design with a slide-mounted safety catch. It was sold in the USA in the 1970s as the “Budischowsky”, honoring its designer.

HSP-701 (1982 to date) An interesting delayed-blowback pattern, this relies on a separate breechblock within the slide and a transverse roller. When the gun fires, the roller has dropped into a recess in the frame and prevents the breechblock from moving back until an operating finger on the slide raises the roller out of its seat. Only about 30 guns are being made annually, confined to 9mm Parabellum (nine-round magazine) and 45 ACP (seven rounds), although 7.65mm Parabellum, 9mm Police, 9mm Steyr, 38 Special and 10mm Norma options have all been offered in the past. The guns have 4- or 5-inch barrels and weigh about 39-42 oz depending on their features. A few single-action examples have also been made.

  • Odin’s Eye This is a fascinating deluxe version of the basic HSP-701, differing from the standard pattern in the material of the frame and slide. It is the only automatic pistol ever to have been made in hand-forged damascus steel. The guns are fantastically expensive, but truly “one-of-a-kind”, as the patterning on the metalwork is unique to each particular component.
— Ian Hogg & John Walter, Pistols of the World, 2004, p. 194

the rectification of names

Tsze-lu said, “The ruler of Wei has been waiting for you, in order with you to administer the government. What will you consider the first thing to be done?”
The Master replied, “What is necessary is to rectify names.”
“So! indeed!” said Tsze-lu. “You are wide of the mark! Why must there be such rectification?”
The Master said, “How uncultivated you are, Yu! A superior man, in regard to what he does not know, shows a cautious reserve.”
“If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success.”
“When affairs cannot be carried on to success, proprieties and music do not flourish. When proprieties and music do not flourish, punishments will not be properly awarded. When punishments are not properly awarded, the people do not know how to move hand or foot.”
“Therefore a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately, and also that what he speaks may be carried out appropriately. What the superior man requires is just that in his words there may be nothing incorrect.”

— Confucius, Analects, Book XIII, Chapter 3, verses 1-7, translated by James Legge

…ὦ ἄριστε Κρίτων, τὸ μὴ καλῶς λέγειν οὐ μόνον εἰς αὐτὸ τοῦτο πλημμελές, ἀλλὰ καὶ κακόν τι ἐμποιεῖ ταῖς ψυχαῖς.
…for, noble Crito, rest assured that wrong words are not only undesirable in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.

— Plato, Phaedo 115e

people v. michael zeleny

Former business partner of Subrah Iyar and Min Zhu, Michael Zeleny, is to be tried tomorrow in People v. Michael Zeleny, San Mateo County Superior Court Case No. SM382036, for lawful armed protests at headquarters of New Enterprise Associates (NEA), which bills itself as “the largest VC firm in the country”.

Between 2001 and 2011, Zeleny has litigated various matters against NEA and WebEx, including Zeleny v. Zhu and WebEx, Santa Clara Superior Court case number CV809286; WebEx v. Zeleny, Los Angeles County Superior Court case No. BC 324927; Zeleny v. WebEx, Santa Clara County Superior Court case no. 1-06-CV062767; and NEA v. Zeleny, San Mateo Superior Court Case No. CIV499465. According to the filings in these cases, Subrah Iyar and Min Zhu, co-founders of WebEx and its former CEO and CTO, and Scott Sandell, General Partner of NEA, were the subjects of long-running protests organized by Michael Zeleny, their former business partner. Citing postings by Zhu’s daughter Erin on the Usenet newsgroup alt.sexual.abuse.recovery in 1991 and 1992, her claim for childhood sexual abuse settled in 2000 and documented in Affeld v. Zhus, Santa Clara Superior Court case number CV817300, and her testimony given in a 2003 sworn deposition, that she was raped by her father at the age of fourteen, Zeleny stated that executives accused of rape by family members and their knowing enablers have no place in positions of public trust.

Zeleny has posted Erin Zhu’s deposition transcript online. Her testimony concerning childhood sexual abuse by her father is posted on YouTube.

According to Breaking News, posted on ConferencingNews.com on 3 May 2005, WebEx shut down its user conference in response to Zeleny protesting against it outside the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco the day before. A week later this report was corroborated by another conference attendee. On 13 May 2005, WebEx issued a press release announcing Min Zhu’s sudden “retirement” and his relocation to China. And on 23 September 2005, Private Equity Week announced the formation of Northern Light, a venture capital fund co-founded in China by Min Zhu, in partnership with Scott Sandell of NEA. In commenting this announcement on the same day, China Venture News reported:

What’s missing in the PrivateEquityOnline article or any NEA release is any mention of the previous controversy surrounding NEA’s venture partner, Min Zhu, who joined NEA in 2004, after his forced resignation as WebEx President and Director.

Currently Min Zhu also operates Cybernaut China Venture Capital, whose press releases bills it as “one of China’s pioneering investment fund [sic]”. Zeleny’s protests are aimed at drawing attention to NEA’s continued association with Min Zhu.

Zeleny also claims that for many years, WebEx funneled its customers’ confidential data to China, serving as a front for Chinese intelligence in the U.S. He has issued subpoenas in People v. Zeleny to former WebEx security personnel, who collaborated with Federal law enforcement agencies in their ongoing investigation of industrial espionage by WebEx.

Zeleny has also issued subpoenas to NEA’s founder Dick Kramlich and Scott Sandell, as well as Subrah Iyar and David Farrington, in their capacities of business associates of Min Zhu and principals in Moxtra, an online collaboration service founded by Iyar with his daughters, and liable to the same customer privacy violations as WebEx.

According to an article by Ron Leuty, published in San Francisco Business Timeson 29 June 2008, Kramlich moved to China,in part to collaborate with “NEA senior venture adviser Min Zhu, who cofounded software firm WebEx Communications Inc. of Santa Clara (an NEA investment) and now is a leading angel investor in China”. Commenting on Chinese business policies, Kramlich was quoted as saying: “If that’s communism, it’s about the most enlightened form of communism I’ve ever seen.” Zeleny repeatedly forwarded evidence of Min Zhu’s history as an incestuous child rapist to NEA since 2005. NEA has acknowledged its timely receipt during litigation with Zeleny.

According to the filings in NEA v. Zeleny, Zeleny has repeatedly appeared at the corporate headquarters of New Enterprise Associates in Menlo Park and Cisco WebEx in Santa Clara between 2009 and 2011, accompanied by live musicians, along with a number of other protesters bearing large portraits of Min Zhu, Subrah Iyar, and Scott Sandell. At each appearance Zeleny has carried unloaded firearms and ammunition. Local police have been present at each protest. Zeleny seeks to expose the involvement of New Enterprise Associates and their current and former partners Scott Sandell and Dick Kramlich, who are responsible for NEA’s activities in China, with Min Zhu and his enterprises. His public performances have been recorded by a professional videographer and posted on the Internet. In the course of his protests, Zeleny deploys and operates a number of video and still cameras, vowing to complete his documentary case study of Silicon Valley business ethics. Zeleny views his protests as open-ended, and says that he will continue his campaign as long as needed.

People v. Michael Zeleny, San Mateo County Superior Court Case No. SM382036, set to be tried on 2 June 2014, accuses the defendant of violating California Penal Code Section 25400 (a) (2): “A person is guilty of carrying a concealed firearm when the person does any of the following: […] Carries concealed upon the person any pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person.” Zeleny points out that his handgun rested in a conspicuously exposed locked belt holster whilst he conducted his public protests. California Penal Code § 25400 (b) provides: “A firearm carried openly in a belt holster is not concealed within the meaning of this section.” Additionally, Section 25510 (a) provides that Section 25400 does not apply to, or affect “[t]he possession of a firearm by an authorized participant in a motion picture, television, or video production, or an entertainment event, when the participant lawfully uses the firearm as part of that production or event, or while going directly to, or coming directly from, that production or event.” In view of these statutory exemptions, redress is available to Zeleny under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 for, and limited to, a “violation of a federal right, not merely a violation of federal law,” and courts must determine whether a federal statute confers a redressable federal “right.” The individual right to keep and bear arms was affirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States in District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Peruta v. San Diego. Accordingly, a 1983 claim is being prepared on Zeleny’s behalf.

Zeleny maintains a website dedicated to Min Zhu, Subrah Iyar and Scott Sandell at http://www.subrah.com/. Contact Zeleny by phone at 323-363-1860 or email at zeleny(at)post(dot)harvard(dot)edu, or his counsel David Affeld of Affeld Grivakes Zucker LLP, by phone at 310-979-8700 or email at dwa(at)agzlaw(dot)com.

наука умеет много гитик

У меня здесь 2 чемодана книг и ни одной тряпки. Тряпки мне не нужны, а из книг хотелось бы иметь более или менее живописное описание природы и географии Центр. Азии, т.е. Монголии, Синцзяна и бассейна Хуан-Хэ. Вася, если тебе не трудно будет, сделай для меня экстрактные выписки; ведь ты как потамолог и лимнолог, наверно, имеешь книги по Тариму, Лоб-нору, Хуан-Хэ и монгольским озерам и рекам, а добавить климат, геоботанику, зоогеографию и т.п. несложно. Помнишь, ты мне давал справку по р. Или; так вроде этого. Дело в том, что я сейчас занимаюсь хуннами, а из геогр. литературы у меня для справок есть только ску[д]нейший Обручев и геологии у него больше чем географии. Хочу похвастаться: я, за это время, настолько вдумался в историю Азии, что моя диссертация теперь кажется мне юношеской работой. Но и я работаю больше для собственного удовольствия, чем для извлечения выгоды. Как ни жаль, а науку и выгоду совместить трудно.
    [По ж]енско-семейному вопросу прими мой совет.
    1) Ты сам [винов]ат, что не следовал народной мудрости: Всякую тварь на хуй пяль, Бог увидит — хорошую пошлёт. Птица была [у мен]я 32-я, и то я считаю, что мне повезло.
    2) Женщина [когда] хочет жить с мужчиной, старается, инстинктивно, стать [так]ой какой он хочет её видеть. Поэтому она, незаметно [для] себя и без усилий со стороны мужа, переделывается. [В]спомни: в Туруханске Наташа и Матрёна начали приобретать манеры дам. Конечно, это с них соскочило, как только мы расстались, но если-бы мы жили вместе?
    Однако следует помнить, что возможны любые неожиданности и не очень размякать. Женщины как лошади — любят чувствовать крепкую узду. При ухаживании не будь настойчив. Показывай, что ты в любую минуту готов бросить. И будь готов, как-бы это не было трудно. Женщина, чувствуя пренебрежение, начинает сама быть активной, а это ускоряет процесс. Если-же она не обращает на это внимания — бросай, ничего не выйдет. В любви как на войне — всегда будь настороже. Ты ещё достаточно молод, чтобы проделать всё это. Пусть первый, второй блин будут комками, даже это неизбежно, но может и наладится. Если-же ты ещё затянешь — махни рукой. А иного пути нет. Но при этом не бросай научных занятий. Женщина будет требовать от тебя времени, но от науки не отрывай для неё ничего. Она с этим примирится если любит и тем более если равнодушна. Я сообщаю тебе элементарные истины, но надо начинать, как в школе, с таблицы умножения, иначе ничего не получится.
    — Лев Николаевич Гумилёв — Василию Никифоровичу Абросову, 18 января 1955 г.
    Опубликовано в журнале “Мера”. СПб., 1994. N4.

middle-aged degeneracy

The excessive dependence of the Middle Ages upon the past is part of that Golden Age complex which besets most civilizations, though medieval men carried it to an unusual degree. They believed that they were “little men in the twilight of the world” or “dwarves sitting on the shoulders of giants” (the ancients). Both the primitive Church and Augustan Rome loomed out of the mist of the past as towers of civilization from which society had fallen, no matter if the Augustan Romans saw themselves as degenerates from the time of Cato, who in turn bewailed the lost Saturnia regna. Had the medieval mind looked only backwards to Eden, medieval thought would have been primitivistic; it would have had no idea of progress. But the fact that the incarnation came after the fall, and the resurrection after the crucifixion, was productive of hope. Nonetheless, exaggerated respect for the past caused several medieval eccentricities, among them the curious practice of reverse plagiarism. A modern plagiarist takes the writings of a famous man and passes them off as his own; with greater modesty, a medieval writer was likely to gain an audience for his own writings by attaching to them the name of a great pope or Father. Their worship of the past checked originality, just as our own worship of everything new promotes superficiality. The use of the word “primitive” is instructive. To us it means crude and barbaric; but through the time of Samuel Johnson its connotation was favorable: the Good Old Days.

a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing

This is London. In a moment, you will hear the Prime Minister, Right Honorable Neville Chamberlain, speaking from Number10 Downing Street. His speech will be heard all over the Empire, throughout the continent of America, and in a large number of foreign countries. Mr Chamberlain:

To-morrow Parliament is going to meet, and I shall be making a full statement of the events which have led up to the present anxious and critical situation.
    An earlier statement would not have been possible when I was flying backwards and forwards across Europe, and the position was changing from hour to hour. But to-day there is a lull for a brief time, and I want to say a few words to you, men and women of Britain and the Empire, and perhaps to others as well.
    First of all I must say something to those who have written to my wife or myself in these last weeks to tell us of their gratitude for my efforts and to assure us of their prayers for my success. Most of these letters have come from women — mothers or sisters of our own countrymen. But there are countless others besides – from France, from Belgium, from Italy, and even from Germany, and it has been heartbreaking to read the growing anxiety they reveal and their intense relief when they thought, too soon, that the danger of war was past.
    If I felt my responsibility heavy before, to read such letters has made it seem almost overwhelming. How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing. It seems still more impossible that a quarrel which has already been settled in principle should be the subject of war.
    I can well understand the reasons why the Czech Government have felt unable to accept the terms which have been put before them in the German memorandum. Yet I believe after my talks with Herr Hitler that, if only time were allowed, it ought to be possible for the arrangements for transferring the territory that the Czech Government has agreed to give to Germany to be settled by agreement under conditions which would assure fair treatment to the population concerned.
    You know already that I have done all that one man can do to compose this quarrel. After my visits to Germany I have realised vividly how Herr Hitler feels that he must champion other Germans, and his indignation that grievances have not been met before this. He told me privately, and last night he repeated publicly, that after this Sudeten German question is settled, that is the end of Germany’s territorial claims in Europe.
    After my first visit to Berchtesgaden I did get the assent of the Czech Government to proposals which gave the substance of what Herr Hitler wanted and I was taken completely by surprise when I got back to Germany and found that he insisted that the territory should be handed over to him immediately, and immediately occupied by German troops without previous arrangements for safeguarding the people within the territory who were not Germans, or did not want to join the German Reich.
    I must say that I find this attitude unreasonable. If it arises out of any doubts that Herr Hitler feels about the intentions of the Czech Government to carry out their promises and hand over the territory, I have offered on part of the British Government to guarantee their words, and I am sure the value of our promise will not be underrated anywhere.
    I shall not give up the hope of a peaceful solution, or abandon my efforts for peace, as long as any chance for peace remains. I would not hesitate to pay even a third visit to Germany if I thought it would do any good. But at this moment I see nothing further that I can usefully do in the way of mediation.
    Meanwhile there are certain things we can and shall do at home. Volunteers are still wanted for air raid precautions, for fire brigade and police services, and for the Territorial units. I know that all of you, men and women alike, are ready to play your part in the defence of the country, and I ask you all to offer your services, if you have not already done so, to the local authorities, who will tell you if you are wanted and in what capacity.
    Do not be alarmed if you hear of men being called up to man the anti-aircraft defences or ships. These are only precautionary measures such as a Government must take in times like this. But they do not necessarily mean that we have determined on war or that war is imminent.
    However much we may sympathise with a small nation confronted by a big and powerful neighbour, we cannot in all circumstances undertake to involve the whole British Empire in war simply on her account. If we have to fight it must be on larger issues than that. I am myself a man of peace to the depths of my soul. Armed conflict between nations is a nightmare to me; but if I were convinced that any nation had made up its mind to dominate the world by fear of its force, I should feel that it must be resisted. Under such a domination life for people who believe in liberty would not be worth living; but war is a fearful thing, and we must be very clear, before we embark on it, that it is really the great issues that are at stake, and that the call to risk everything in their defence, when all the consequences are weighed, is irresistible.
    For the present I ask you to wait as calmly as you can the events of the next few days. As long as war has not begun, there is always hope that it may be prevented, and you know that I am going to work for peace to the last moment. Good night.

Transcribed from BBC Archive, “Chamberlain Addresses the Nation on His Negotiations for Peace”, 27 September 1938. See Neville Chamberlain, In Search of Peace: Speeches, 1937-1938, London, 1939, pp. 274-6.

de tranquilitate animi

A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says is never accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something that he can understand. I would rather be reported by my bitterest enemy among philosophers than by a friend innocent of philosophy.
Le compte rendu par un homme sot de ce qu’un homme d’esprit dit n’est jamais exact, parce que celui-là traduit inconsciemment ce qu’il entend en quelque chose qu’il peut comprendre. Je préfère être rendu compte par mon pire ennemi parmi les philosophes que par un ami innocent de la philosophie.
Отчёт дурака о том, что говорит умный никогда не бывает правильным, потому что первый бессознательно переводит то, что он слышит в то, что он может понять. Я бы предпочёл, чтобы обо мне отчитывался мой злейший враг среди философов, чем друг, неиспорченный философией.

— Bertrand Russell, A History of Western Philosophy, 1945

Je disois : « C’est une chose extraordinaire que toute la philosophie consiste dans ces trois mots : je m’en fous. »

I’d say: “It’s an extraordinary fact that all philosophy comes to these five words: I don’t give a fuck.”

Я бы сказал: «Как удивительно, что вся философия сводится к трём словам: мне это похуй&raquo.

sexual assault, my ass

The essential predicate for a charge of sexual assault of an adult is a lack of consent on part of the victim. Nothing in Charlotte Waters’ original complaint, which has been modestly removed from Reddit, but happily remains available via the Wayback Machine, even begins to allege that she had failed to consent to any sexual act, any photo opportunity, or any other aspect of her modeling encounter with Terry Richardson. Interestingly enough, as any journalist ought to know, actual malice as the essential predicate of liability for libel is defined as “knowledge that the information was false” or that it was published “with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not” (New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964)). Thus in failing to align his accusation of Terry Richardson with the content of published allegations against the latter, Justin Jones acts with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not, and therefore willfully commits libel on behalf of The Daily Beast.

another win for human rights

As of today, citizens of California no longer need any more of an excuse to be licensed to carry a gun than to be licensed to drive a car.

Plaintiffs in Richards v. Prieto had argued that Yolo County’s Sheriff’s policy, in light of the California regulatory regime as a whole, abridges the Second Amendment right to bear arms because its definition of “good cause” prevents a responsible, law-abiding citizen from carrying a handgun in public for the lawful purpose of self-defense. Yolo County’s policy provided that “self protection and protection of family (without credible threats of violence)” are “invalid reasons” for requesting a concealed handgun carry permit. The district court concluded that Yolo County’s policy did not infringe Richards’ Second Amendment rights and denied Richard’s motion for summary judgment while granting the MSJ of Sheriff Ed Prieto. Today, Justice Diarmid O’Scannlain reversed and remanded this ruling on behalf of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Thus the court granted the plaintiffs’s demands:

  1. Declaratory relief that the “good moral character” and “good cause” provisions of California Penal Code § 12050 are unconstitutional either on their face and/or as applied to bar applicants who are otherwise legally qualified to possess firearms and who assert self-defense as their “good cause” for seeking a handgun carry permit; and
  2. An order permanently enjoining Defendants, their officers, agents, servants, employees, and all persons in active concert or anticipation with them who receive actual notice of the injunction, from enforcing the “good moral character” and “good cause” requirements of California Penal Code § 12050 against handgun carry permit applicants who seek the permit for self-defense and are otherwise qualified to obtain a handgun carry permit under that section.

It’s all over for hoplophobes, but for the shouting.

all in the family

“A man is known by the company he keeps, and also by the company from which he is kept out.”

—Grover Cleveland

Following in the footsteps of his daughterfucking partner Min Zhu, Subrah Iyar credits his daughters Leena and Nikhita with inspiring his current business venture. Five years ago, Iyar vowed not to waste any time getting to know his daughters better now that his workflow has leveled off. Which brings us to the question: How much “better” did Subrah get to know his daughters before pumping up his workflow? We shall surely find out the next time I pay him a visit.

Dig the now avatar of Ganesha. Because daughterfuckers are known by the company they keep, and also by the company from which they are kept out.

On 2 May 2005 I banished Min Zhu from his company and my country. Start packing, Iyar.