3 thoughts on “all the talk, none of the action”

  1. Are you a NYT reader?


    I used to read NYT ‘religiously’ for a few years, since it was considered a mandatory for an aspiring intellectual. Not anymore. I have a friend who is a liberal, but even he thinks NYT is really a ‘club tie’, a wannabbe ‘man of the people’ for a weekend but who lives in penthouse on weekdays.

    Like Jack Lemon? said, in ‘The Missing’, “it’s easy to play poor when you have a plane ticket ride back home.” or something like that.

    “Was there ever a police state power not beloved by The New York Times?”

    Did that include the restriction of the freedom of the press?

    “Oh yeah, you can blabber about the raison d’État all you want, but not prepare to resist it in earnest. “

    Kinda sounds like some of the RKBA people I’ve met over the years both on internet and in real life.

      1. Re: Are you a NYT reader?

        “To paraphrase a cliché from the old country, I don’t have any other newspapers of record for you.”

        Well, at least you have one. I don’t have one, not one. Btw. NYT’s business section is some of the worst journalism I’ve seen in my life.

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