Academic Expulsion Rules and Practices Query

On 29 February of this year, two days before the election of pint-sized Dmitry Medvedev to the post of the President of Russian Federation, performance art group Vojna (War), formerly best known for its eccentric commemoration of conceptual poet Dmitry Prigov in a moving train of the Moscow Metro, mounted another exhibition in the Biological Museum. This time, they performed in support of the survival of the bear as the totem animal of ancient Slavs. Notably, the run-up to the election prominently featured a spontaneous youth movement of “bear cubs” rallying in support of Vladimir Putin and his designated successor, whose last name fortuitously echoes notional kinship with Ursus arctos. Thus the most recent Vojna performance featured allegedly authentic sexual intercourse under the banner captioned FUCK FOR BEAR CUB’S HEIR.

In the wake of this affair, some of its participants were identified as students of the Philosophy Department of the Moscow State University, from which they were expelled after the mandatory hand-wringing faculty sessions. Their expulsion was allegedly motivated by considerations of philosophical decorum. Coincidentally, political technology is the most lucrative specialty taught by the MSU Philosophy Department at present.

In the ensuing discussion, several parties have posed the question of whether or not students engaging in similar behavior would have been expelled from Oxford or Harvard. I therefore ask all interested and informed parties to weigh in on this issue with considerations of rules and precedents.

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17 thoughts on “Academic Expulsion Rules and Practices Query”

  1. Видел как-то демонстрацию извра…LGB в Лондонском университете. Впереди всех бежал мужик без штанов, пардон. И что? Охрана смеялась в голос, никто и не помешал. Все ржали как кони и показывали пальцами. Тот побегал по этажам и пропал где-то.

    Потом в газетке прочел, что демонстрация была заранее согласована.

    1. Есть предположение, что представители нетрадиционных половых ориентаций в подобных случаях неприкосновенны, не в пример дремучим поклонникам ортогенитализма.

              1. А. Становится понятным, кого консультировал автор по прибытии в ЮКей и по каким вопросам.

                В одном из коротких рассказиков, опубликовынных в ЖЖ, описал, как присутствовал при перерезании горла человеку уголовниками с сливанием крови в костер. Оный от сливания крови потух. Автор отметил кошерность сего действия. Присутствует ли здесь также опричность, или иное ЖЖ-свойство, не берусь судить.

                Книга была опубликована. Как-то “100 вспышек (?) из прошлого”, не помню.

  2. Expelled for semi-public sex?

    If I understand correctly, the event took place after the museum closed, and the only people who saw it were specially invited witnesses. So all the outraged reactions, along the lines of “How dare they, in front of little children who came to the museum to look at the bear exhibit?!” are misplaced (and laughable).

    As for those people who want to stoke their feeling of righteous indignation and therefore go trawling the Internet until they find the pictures: it’s hard to find any sympathy for their offended sensibilities! It’s like spying on your neighbour’s wife in her backyard and then accusing her of public indecency.

    The volcano of venomous hatred that this event provoked in the unofficial media (i.e. the RU-net) was impressive. People don’t seem to get the joke: recognizing the presidential elections as a farcical welcome ceremony for the new ‘baby bear’, i.e. Medvedev, the students evidently decided to protest. They don’t want the baby bear that The Party is giving them, they want another one, and they’re prepared to work hard to make it!

    You have to admire their imagination, courage, and, well, sang froid.

    Do you remember when &*(^&% Bush took the USA to war, after lying to the population earnestly for a year and a half? I don’t remember US students staging any protests nearly as imaginative and courageous.

    Russians should be proud of these kids, instead of going all hysterical in their desire to be seen as condemning ‘perversion’.

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