sig p210 redux

On 3 October 2008, a new gun factory bearing the name of Waffenfabrik Neuhausen AG was founded in Switzerland with startup capital of one million Swiss franks. Its founder is Ulli Sigloch of the precision machining firm Swiss Tec AG. Waffenfabrik Neuhausen has announced its intent to resume the production of the P210 pistol starting in January 2009.

The inchoative enterprise has already attracted criticism from the pacifist Gruppe für eine Schweiz ohne Armee (GSoA), militating for Switzerland without an army. GSoA spokesman Tom Cassee stated: “Anyone who makes and sells a weapon, must be aware of the risk that innocent people could be killed.” Matthias Knill of Waffenfabrik Neuhausen defends his enterprise by noting that handguns are needed to secure peace and order: “Major target markets of Waffenfabrik Neuhausen are accordingly not only the Swiss army, but also the police and special forces.”

— The author thanks Frank “Guisan” van Binnendijk for bringing this development to his attention.

a parable about the business of consulting

― for Robbie Lindauer      

A society dame went slumming. As she left a seedy bar, a sailor accosted her with an offer to let her feel the most amazing penis ever for a paltry $10. She paid and he unzipped to exhibit a tool that exceeded her wildest expectations. The gentlewoman fondled his cock avidly and proposed: “Why don’t you come up some time and see me?”—“Lady,” responded the salt ruefully, “if I could come up, why would I peddle a feel for ten bucks?”

MORAL:The best device is the one that can be applied at home.

the senator’s consistent position

Thus spake Barack Hussein Obama in his second debate with John McCain on 15 October 2008:

I think that the Constitution has a right to privacy in it that shouldn’t be subject to state referendum, any more than our First Amendment rights are subject to state referendum, any more than many of the other rights that we have should be subject to popular vote.

Regrettably, his uncompromising defense of the Constitutional right to privacy is belied by the approach to the Second Amendment. While campaigning in Iowa on 5 December 2007, even as he acknowledged that gun ownership “is an individual right and not just the right of a militia”, Obama stressed that “all rights […] are constrained by the needs and the rights of the community”.

As Obama knows, Justice William O. Douglas conjured the right to privacy on 7 June 1965 in Griswold v. Connecticut, U.S. Supreme Court 381 U.S. 479, from the theory that “specific guarantees in the Bill of Rights have penumbras, formed by emanations from those guarantees that help give them life and substance.” By contrast, on 26 June 2008, Justice Antonin Scalia recognized the right of individuals to bear arms as an “enumerated constitutional right” in District of Columbia v. Heller, U.S. Supreme Court 554 U.S.     . On the same day, Obama expatiated:

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standpoint on u.s. racial politics and the end of chimerica

Mark Falcoff anticipates U.S. blacks repudiating the validity of elections in the event of Obama’s defeat and questioning the motives of any opposition to any of his programs in the event of his victory, even as the whites vote for him in order to prove that they are not “rednecks” or “low class”, but enlightened and progressive snobs. Meanwhile, Niall Ferguson speculates about the relationship between China and America deteriorating as a result of the 10-fold contraction in U.S. bank balance sheets due to be precipitated by their highly leveraged nature responding to the credit crunch. Two thought-provoking articles from a spunky British orphan vying for adoption by the civil union of The New Republic with The Weekly Standard.

“must haves” from neuhausen and murgenthal

For the dedicated SIG collector, here are two lots from the upcoming Hermann Historica auction to be conducted on Monday and Tuesday, 6-7 October 2008. Telephone bids are accepted up to 24 hours before the beginning of bidding. I have saved for our posterity all lot descriptions and high resolution images graciously provided by the auction house.

Lot Nr.2604:

A Mannlicher Mod. 1896/1897 (“Österr. Mauser”), calibre 7.65 Mannlicher, no. 50. Bright bore, barrel length 120 mm. Looped front sight. 6-shot. Manufactured by Schweizerische Industriegesellschaft, Neuhausen. Bern proof mark on barrel root: “BP”. No further inscriptions or names. Blowback system. Side cocking lever on right side of housing. Complete original finish with storage marks, only handled with utmost care. Lock and small parts polished white. Matching-numbered dark walnut grip panels with fine chequering. Lanyard loop. Magazine no. 27. Extremely rare pistol in almost new condition.
Erwerbsscheinpflichtig. Condition: I- Limit: 6000 EURO

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shoot or talk?

As Tuco told the corpse of his would-be assassin, “When you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.” There’s them that talk, there’s them that shoot, and never shall the twain be one.

I have enjoyed countless hours conversing with like-minded online personae. Through these discussions I have learned not to expect any return from my contributions. In keeping with Sayre’s Law, the intensity of debate tends to vary inversely with the value of its gravamen. That is why online debaters never confer any benefits. Time is money. Anyone who can afford to waste your time is bound to come short in making up its value.

Next time someone engages you in a time-wasting dispute, treat him as Tuco treated his assailant. Cut him short by shooting. Don’t talk.