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    Je suis en train de traduire Kojève sans accès à un texte imprimé. Je serais très reconnaissant à n’importe qui voulant corriger le texte défectueux qui se trouve en ligne.     I am translating Kojève without access to a printed text. I would be very grateful to anyone willing to proofread the faulty text found online.

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All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. — Samuel Beckett

borat update

    Responding to his government’s recent charges, Borat Sagdiyev, rated as “Number 2 TOP Television Reporter in Kazakhstan”, has officially announced his support of legal action against Ali G’s alter ego Sacha Baron Cohen: “Jagshemash! In response ro Mr. Ashykbayev’s comments, I like to state, I have no connection with Mr. Cohen and fully support my government’s decision to sue this Jew. Since the 2003 Tuleyake reforms, Kazakhstan is as civilized as any other country in the world. Women can now travel on inside of bus, homosexuals no longer have to wear blue hats, and age of consent has been raised to 8 years old. Please, the captain of industry, I invite you to come to Kazakhstan, where we have incredible natural resources, hard-working labor, and some of the cleanest prostitutes in whole of Central Asia. Goodbye! Chenque!”

the new yorker quotes john wilmot

    Okay, it is in a movie review, and one that fails to point out that Johnny Depp is way too long in the tooth to play the part of the man who timed his meeting with his maker to coincide in his life span with Jesus. Still, what better way of demonstrating what freedoms of the press remain in the wake of the Patriot Act?

            The Wish

Oh, that I could by any chemic art
To sperm convert my spirit and my heart,
That at one thrust I might my soul translate
And in the womb myself regenerate!
There steeped in lust nine months I would remain,
Then boldly fuck my passage back again.

make amends for mayhem

Dear Mr. Iyar,

    In early 1999, you made an offer to my partner Erin Zhu to collaborate with your company, WebEx Communications. A year later, you reneged on our deal. When I contacted you with a reminder of the debt that your company owed to mine, you failed to respond to my attempt to settle my claims amicably. Before I could file my complaint, I received anonymous death threats made in the names and on the behalves of your partner, Erin’s father, the child rapist Min Zhu, and your company WebEx. The threats attempted to elicit my submission, echoing the terms used by your partner to have his way with his daughter.
    You appear to be complicit in the threats. At the time I was ordered not to fuck with WebEx on pain of imminent death, you were the only adverse party who knew of my claims against your company. Since 2002, you have been confronted with compelling evidence that Min Zhu, your business partner and direct subordinate, was a degenerate incestuous rapist responsible for crimes committed in the name and on behalf of WebEx. You discharged due diligence owed to your shareholders in this matter by asking Min Zhu for the Bart Simpson defense: “I didn’t do it, no one saw me do it, you can’t prove anything!” You continued to support Min Zhu until my public protest made your support unbearable. Then you allowed him to retire in good standing.
    You are suing me for claiming that that WebEx diverted shareholder assets to cover up Min Zhu’s child rape of his daughter. I am holding you, its chief executive officer, personally responsible for the threats made against me. I do so in response to your company’s costly, vicious, and mendacious defense against my rightful claims. Throughout my litigation, I gave you innumerable opportunities to make amends for lawlessness perpetrated in your name, on your behalf, and by your side. Instead of doing so, you closed ranks with its perpetrator. Your lawyers promised that my lawsuit would destroy the lives of my family. You failed to repudiate these threats even after my father, plaintiff in a related lawsuit, perished in a fire of unknown origin. Your counsel attempted to intimidate my lawyer David Affeld by advising him to “weigh the wisdom of serving as [my] amanuensis.” You have sided with a degenerate. Your hired help is aping his tactics. This alliance will define your reputation. The United States makes no distinction between those who commit acts of terror and those who support and harbor them. Neither do I.
    Judging by the billing rates claimed by your lawyers, your failed coverup cost WebEx shareholders well over a million dollars in legal fees. Its fallout has debased the reputations of its management. Your libel lawsuit against me, Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC324927, has been sanctioned twice for bad faith pleadings, requiring WebEx to pay my attorney’s fees. In response to my May Day protest against its employment of a violent paedophile, your company cancelled its User Conference at Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. These costs represent shareholder assets squandered on covering up child rape.
    Our conflict began with fraud committed by the Zhus. It escalated to threats and menaces against me. My only condition for ending it is that you make an act of sincere contrition for all your wrongs against me. The only amends I would accept should come out of your desire to do the right thing, and not out of your desire to dodge adverse consequences. You appear reluctant to apologize for crimes. Consider the alternative. KPMG made amends for its partners’ wrongdoing, whereas Arthur Andersen refused to do so. One still exists, the other is out of business. I advise you to emulate success. Otherwise, I shall ensure your failure. Till then, starting tomorrow, I am making myself available right outside of your place of business.

Michael Zeleny@post.harvard.edu

no ptyx

― for Eric Gans

    In 1887, Stéphane Mallarmé published a sonnet composed in the form of an allegory of itself. Its outer parts, the first quatrain and the second tercet, comprised a frame that contained the inner parts, the second quatrain and the first tercet. Their relation represented the way whereby the literal subject matter of the poem, a window reflected in the mirror in a darkened room, contained the nighttime sky. To complicate his task further, the poet chose to alternate in the quatrains the masculine rhymes in ‘ix’ and ‘yx’ that ended with a consonant, with feminine rhymes in ‘ore’ that ended in a silent e, inverting their genders to feminine ‘ixe’ and ‘yxe’ alternated with masculine ‘or’ in the tercets. The French vocabulary is ill suited to supplying rhymes in ‘ix/yx’. In response to this deficiency, Mallarmé invested the word ptyx with a novel meaning. His usage seemed at first a hapax legomenon within French literature, a term thitherto unexpressed in its language. But in ancient and modern Greek, πτύξ stood for a layer, a plate, a fold, or a writing tablet. In particular, it designated a special kind of a fold, such as may be found in a seashell. In fact, Victor Hugo already had drawn his inspiration from this term to employ Ptyx as a proper name in La Légende des siècles. Mallarmé had something very different in mind. His ptyx was not any given being, place, or thing, but a special kind of object. Its very nature inhered in its absence:

Ses purs ongles très haut dédiant leur onyx,
LAngoisse, ce minuit, soutient, lampadophore,
Maint rêve vespéral brûlé par le Phénix
Que ne recueille pas de cinéraire amphore
Her pure nails sprung up exalting their onyx,
Anxiety, this midnight, bearing light, sustains,
In twilight many dreams burnt up by the Phoenix
Whose smoky ashes no sepulchral urn contains
Sur les crédences, au salon vide : nul ptyx
Aboli bibelot dinanité sonore,
(Car le Maître est allé puiser des pleurs au Styx
Avec ce seul objet dont le Néant shonore.)
Atop the sideboards, in the empty room: no ptyx,
That voided toy of vibrant nonsense, left inside,
(Because the Master’s gone to draw the tears from Styx
With that exclusive object wherein Naught takes pride.)
Mais proche la croisée au nord vacante, un or
Agonise selon peut-être le décor
Des licornes ruant du feu contre une nixe,
In vacant north seen through the casement frames, a gold
May agonize at times, within the setting, to behold
Fire-breathing unicorns arrayed against a nix,
Elle, défunte nue en le miroir, encor
Que, dans loubli fermé par le cadre, se fixe
De scintillations sitôt le septuor.
She, lifeless naked mirror image, repetition
Whom in the twinkling framed forgetting, is to fix
Through sparkling timed in septet, composition.
― Stéphane Mallarmé, Œuvres complètes, édition présentée, établie et annotée par Bertrand Marchal, tome I, Gallimard: Bibliothéque de la Pléiade, 1998 (MOC I), pp. 37-38, cf. p. 98 ― translated by MZ

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concerning the lives of stéphane mallarmé on and off the isle of ptyx

― in living memory of my father    

    Il n’existe que trois êtres respectables :
    Le prêtre, le guerrier, le poète. Savoir, tuer et créer.
    Les autres hommes sont taillables et corvéables, faits pour l’écurie, c’est-à-dire pour exercer ce qu’on appelle des professions.
    — Charles Baudelaire, Mon cœur mis à nu
    There exist but three respectable beings:
    The priest, the warrior, the poet. To know, to kill, to create.
    The rest of men belong to the fatigue party, made for the stables, in other words for the practice of that, which is called professions.
    — Charles Baudelaire, My heart laid bare[0]

Stéphane Mallarmé began his career in nearly devotional emulation of the ill-fated cultivator of les fleurs du mal. Notwithstanding the affinities of his ethos, his destiny was to differ in one significant regard. Or so he insisted in a letter to his friend Henri Cazalis, written in October of 1862:[1] Continue reading concerning the lives of stéphane mallarmé on and off the isle of ptyx